Thursday, May 30, 2024

Year: 2019

Do it today, why wait for tomorrow?

It is so easy to waste time because of procrastination, delaying doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done. People procrastinate because of different reasons…fear, doubt, confusion but more often than not pure laziness. I had a personal encounter that opened my eyes to how its so easy to be lazy and waste valuable time in the process…

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Embrace who you are

It is easy to go through life working on fitting in rather than identifying opportunities for you to stand out. The reality is as long as your goal is always to fit in, be like everyone else, be accepted by everyone you will only ever be able to achieve so much in life. I have come to acknowledge that those that becamse successful in life made a decision to be te best they can be, believed in themselves and set out to do something different from the rest. They chose to stand out rather than fit in…

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There is NO shame in your story

Your life is a journey that tells an exciting and intriguing story which yours to tell, it may not always be perfect and go according to plan but it still remains yours alone to tell. No matter how good or bad your yesterday may have been there is no shame in your story today because whatever the struggles of yesterday they molded you into who you are today. Like wise today is a passing season whilst tomorrow holds endless possibilities for you…

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