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There is NO shame in your story

 Life is a journey that narrates an exciting and intriguing story about you and your own is yours to tell. Every journey, has ups and downs, good and bad days, yet when combined, they all make up for one exciting adventure. Whatever level you are in life ‘never allow other people’s perceptions about you shape how you live your life. You can have no control over what they choose to think, but you have total control over how you will react.

Even when you fail, remember that failing does not mean the end but rather it’s an opportunity to get up and try again. Likewise, when you achieve something, you should learn to celebrate yourself because every success counts no matter how big or small. You need to be your own biggest supporter every time. The quote below captures this so well.

In life, you will encounter people who will choose to identify you based on your past. They will try and pull you down by always dragging your history in your face to make you feel as if you can not be more. Yet the past is in the past for a reason. It was a season you needed to pass through and come out of so that you could be the person you are today. 


Today is not a permanent fixture and tomorrow is a mystery that has in store its promises and opportunities, so anything is possible. I can testify that things change because I experienced this in my own life. I remember growing up, I came from a very humble home and as long as I was able to get the basics and get an education I was happy. There were so many things that my peers had that were not within my means at the time. I used to avoid going to certain places or events because my dressing was not fitting the trends of the day.

 I remember being in one place in my twenties where there was a group of people who used to say some demeaning comments and they were so sure that where I was at a time in my life was all that I would ever be. During that time, the one thing that kept me going was that I understood that things change, and they did change eventually. New doors opened for me, and God propelled me to another level in life. Now I embrace my past and every day; I choose to be grateful for what I have today. Even if I fail today, I will still get up knowing that tomorrow is another opportunity to try again. 


Never judge a book by its cover. Many successful people were looked down upon or written off by others along their journey. Yet despite it all, they went on to achieve great things. One good example is America actress Meryl Streep, who in the ’70s got told during an audition that she was too ugly to act in a movie back then. Today she is one of the leading actresses in Hollywood and has been nominated for 21 Academy awards. The academy awards are the most prestigious movie awards in the world.

A biblical example that comes to mind is Joseph (Genesis 37). He was sold into slavery by his brothers because of jealousy. They resented him because their father loved him dearly and for the dream that God had given him. He was taken to Egypt where he spent 17 years as a slave, and at one time he found himself unjustly accused of rape and thrown into prison. I am sure along the way many people he encountered saw him for what he was at the time. Perhaps even treated him as such. What most failed to see was that Joseph would one day be the Prime Minister of Egypt, despite being a foreigner, a slave, and a convict. Despite the challenges, he encountered Joseph never allow the circumstances that surrounded him to define his future. He kept focused on God’s promises and believed that they would come to pass.


As I close my word of encouragement to you is do not be ashamed of who you are or where you are currently in life, that position is not permanent. Don’t be dismayed by the struggles of yesterday either. Keep your eye on the goal, shut out all naysayers and keep on pushing forward. There is no shame in who you were yesterday because it is in the past for a reason. Today is a new day with endless opportunities, and the future is a mystery that has many adventures in store. Let those that want to concentrate on the struggles of your yesterday keep looking back, by the time they finish they will find you souring high with eagles living your dream!

The bible says “…looking unto Jesus, the author, and finisher of our faith…” (Heb 12:2 NKJV) and “…being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ (Phil 1:6 NKJV). In other words, no matter the peaks and valleys in your story the Lord God who began, it will bring it to completion. Your tale is not over until God says it’s over.


 Be blessed!!!



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