Sunday, June 23, 2024

Year: 2019

Overcoming failure

Its easy to remain in the same place or give up due to the fear of failure. Many a times great ideas are never brought to life because of the fear of failure or a previous failed attempt. But therein lies the difference between achieving great success and remaining in your unsuccessful and frustrating comfort zone…

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Women rising to the challenge

Today there are a lot of women who are rising up against the odds and achieving great things in different field that are exemplary figures to some of us. The bible also tells stories of many amazing women as such I felt the urge to write this small letter to my fellow women for us to aim higher and chase after our dreams.

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Success takes commitment

In life you have to learn to be committed if you want to be successful, it means you need to be dedicated and loyal to whatever it is you set out to do. When you choose to be committed you will not easily give up but rather you will keep on fighting until you attain your dream…

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