Our Story

The Afrepreneur is a media organisation that was established in May 2020 with the goal of showcasing African talent to the world. Africa is blessed with talented individuals doing amazing things in various fields and specialities but whose stories never see the light of day. Often, it is the big guy who gets the spotlight and so the Afrepreneur was birthed to tell the untold stories of these gifted individuals, alongside those who have already made it in life. In the process, we aim to inspire and motivate other, fellow Africans to pursue their goals and keep pushing until they make it. Africa needs us all to rise and be part of the movement that is working towards building our economies so that we can eventually have a self-reliant continent, that fully utilizing the vast natural and manpower resources at its disposal. One step at a time, we believe that Africa will rise, and most nations will transition from developing to being fully established and successful economies and the Afrepreneur will be there to share the stories with the world.

We understand that it is impossible to tell the African story from one nation’s perspective. That is why our team is growing to incorporate talented individuals and subject matter experts from across the continent. If you have a passion for telling African success stories get in touch, we are always on the lookout for people who can support our vision!