Thursday, May 30, 2024

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The Social Media Scourge

by Maureen N. Mudita (

A generation that is gradually crushing under the weight of social media
The further we scroll down and tap the more we crumble and tumble
With every post, a fragment disintegrates from our whole selves

From juxtaposing our lives with theirs we’re essentially comparing Volkswagen Beetles to Hummers
To being clowns in a bid to masquerade our downs
We pass off as different people and give pressure to the audience watching from the terraces

Online forums are sparked with acrimony
A destructive rampage is set out against the weaker prey,
With just one fluff our savage sisters and brothers are guaranteed a field day
We amuse ourselves by shaming the next person and giving them our two cents
with offensive words,
We dish out unsolicited advice
we battle to be crowned Kings and Queens of insolence

Shots are fired left, right and centre with the comment section laden with a tone that turns to vitriol against its targets,
No regard for others whatsoever

The social landscape has become a breeding ground for malevolence
We offer help not wanting to help and we start conversations not to find out how the other person is but to just get rid of boredom

The virtual world may look and feel real but truth be told human connections have deteriorated and we are losing many of our brothers and sisters to this scourge

Let’s be responsible enough on social platforms
Yes, We are our brothers’ keeper!


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