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Confessions of a Loved Woman

I was a young girl when I met Him, and from that moment, life was never the same. Before we met, I had heard about Him from others and knew quite a bit about Him. He sounded like someone who had a lot of love to give, a lover who paid attention to every detail. Life had dealt me many blows, including losing my mother and many loved ones. Failure had knocked me on my knees several times, and deep within me, I had a longing for someone to hold me up. He sounded like the perfect match for the job.

The day we met, and I decided to give him my heart, I was desperate, lonely and hungry for something more in my life. There was a void within me that yearned for greater love that no ordinary man could fill. I remember the warmth of His embrace when I gave Him my heart and how He smiled and whispered,
“I have been waiting for you to acknowledge me since day one, you see even before you knew me, I was already head over heels in love with you. ”
He accepted with all my weaknesses, failures and baggage from my past. He did not care that I was so messed up and fell short in many areas instead, He reassured me saying
“Consider your history wholly erased, I will never throw it in your face, that’s not my style. I am only concerned with where you go from now. This is a new day, a new beginning. You and I are starting on a clean slate. Relax and hold on to me for dear life, and I will show you great and mighty things. I do not promise you that the road that lies ahead will be easy or smooth, but I can guarantee you that every moment I will be with you. Holding your hand, fighting for you and urging you on when the going gets tough. You will never walk alone again as long as you keep me in your life.”

That was the beginning of our love affair, oh how He captured my heart and made me fall head over heels. He is a true romantic who always has a word for every situation. Sweet words that are full of life. To date, I am yet to encounter a situation that He is not prepared for because every single time He has delivered.

The days I lack self-confidence and worry about other people’s opinions; He reminds me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. A beautiful gem that He calls me the apple of His eye. Unique in every way and known to Him by name, He literary spend His day gazing at me so much he knows the number of hairs on my head.

When loneliness overwhelms me, He reminds me that He is always by my side and will never leave nor forsake me. Nothing can ever separate me from His love, because His ear is open to the cry of my heart. Eve.n when I walk through the storms and raging flames of life He is always by my side

When I feel like I have reached a dead-end, He reminds me that He is the way maker who makes even rivers to flow in the wilderness and water to flow out of rocks.

When I feel overwhelmed, He reminds that He neither grows faint nor weary so I can always lean on Him. He renews my strength, so I can sore high like an eagle, run and not be weary, walk and not be faint.

The day when trouble and fear come smashing through the door, He assures me no weapon formed against me shall prosper. As long as I hide behind Him, He will shield me from every attack of the enemy and never let harm come near me.

He is an honest lover who is not shy to correct me when I error, and He has no tolerance for laziness. He told me from day one that if I choose to sleep all day poverty will surely pounce on me. Hard work pays, and with it comes prosperity and wealth. My sweet love, He never beats around the bush, what He says is precisely what He means. Oh, how I love Him.

The lover of my soul, the King of kings, Lord of lords, Prince of peace, Lion of the tribe of Judah and the great I am. His name is Jesus Christ, no one compares to Him. His love is so pure and unconditional; it keeps me going day in day out. I am forever grateful that He laid down His life for mine, and for that reason, I pledge my heart to Him for eternity!

I am a loved woman!

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