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Perfect moments captured in time

Friday 21 February was perfect. It was all glitz and glamour as City of Glory hosted a dinner in celebration of its 2nd Anniversary. The venue and ambience were nothing short of splendid. The ladies looked resplendent in their evening wear while the men looked impeccable in their suits. It was a night filled with fun, laughter, inspirational speeches, and scrumptious food. Talk about a night filled with many picture-perfect moments.

Later that night, as I scrolled through the photos in my phone, in the aftermath of the dinner, I could not help but marvel at the perfection captured by each image. One picture, in particular, stood out from the rest (see cover photo). When I shared it, I received some very fascinating replies from friends and family. One that stood out was, “You guys make the perfect couple; I want to be like you when I grow up.” I suppose in a perfect world, we surely would have been the ideal couple. However, if I were to use a photo for summarising the daily reality of our marriage, it would probably not come out half as accurate. Simply because we are two different people, the apparent difference being that he is a man, and I am a woman. That alone means sometimes we will not see eye to eye due to differing viewpoints. It would be unfair to let my young friend believe that one picture tells the entire story. Truth is we may not always be perfect, but we do have a multitudinous collection of perfect moments together.

Anyhow, marriage is not the focus of this piece of writing. My point is that often people conclude a lot from one perfectly captured moment in time. Instagram is probably the big daddy of showcasing these moments. A quick scroll through it, and you will leave thinking that people are living amazingly perfect lives. If you want to grasp the magnitude of this perception, look at the number of people trying to emulate what they see on these social media platforms. I have seen numerous people going through plastic surgery just so they could look like a celebrity they see on TV. Their obsession with these so-called perfect moments is perplexing.

I believe that behind every perfect moment, there is always a story. Good or bad but still a story none the less. Do not be quick to come to conclusions simply because of one perfectly captured moment. Sometimes, appearances can be deceiving. It is advisable to be prudent when it comes to what you see on social media. Lest you become a hand that compares itself to an ear and wonders why it can not hear yet it too has its own unique purpose on the body. Live your life, be inspired by what you see if you must, but stray from the blunder of thinking that every moment is always that perfect. Some would say: don’t judge a book by its cover, first open and read it to know precisely how good or bad it is.


As I wrap it up, all I am saying is that one perfectly captured moment in time rarely tells the whole story. There is always more to it than meets the eye!

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