Branding is the marketing practice whereby a company actively shapes their brand through creating a name, symbol or design that identifies to the company. Branding helps you to stand out and attract the attention of your ideal customers. Branding helps you to create a memorable impression on your customers and clearly communicates what clients can expect from your organization. In other words, your brand is the voice that speaks and represents you even when you are not physically present. Strategies such as advertising, customer service, promotional merchandise, reputation, and logo are often used to develop your brand and they work together to create a unique, memorable, and eye-catching profile for your company. Branding is a verb so when you design a logo/develop your brand tone or work on a campaign that’s branding. Any action you take to shape your brand is, in a nutshell, branding.

????????BENEFITS OF BRANDING????????

  1. Helps you to stand out against competition.
  2. It helps your brand to get recognition.
  3. It creates a consistent brand experience for your customers.
  4. It can help to increase your brand value.
  5. It helps you to attract and generate new customers.
  6. Branding helps to create trust in the marketplace as stakeholders know who they are dealing with.

Your brand is an asset that helps customers and potential clients to identify your business. It is a promise about what you to offer and therefore helps you create a perception in the customer’s mind. What is your brand and what does it say about you?