Sunday, June 23, 2024

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Poetry with Thabo Manthosi


Let’s see…when a christian dies the brethen testify that indeed they were part of the saints but when a sinner dies,hell socks them in the hottest flame and marinates them with demonic barbecue spices! Now stop and think about it for a minute …if we all grow spiritually,physically and mentally every day of the 365 days of each year we have lived then woe unto those that suffer from stunted growth and fail to understand the Biblical math!

This isn’t a lamentation or a call to action dear friend but if they were to ask you who conquered death without mumbling would you not stammer with joy for a hero that is the beginning and end? I have a secret to tell you but you have to promise to share it. You have to gossip about it as much as you can because unlike other worthless things in this world,this will surely change your life! You are a child of God,now spread the rumour!


Turn up the volume, this is what you have always wanted to hear!
My weakness this year is that l have been floating and coating my struggles with excuses of Covid! How could l not when l can get a grant freely for it? You still don’t get it huh? Well, let me paint the canvas clearly. During the Christ pandemic as it was viewed at the time, Rome viewed Christianity as the modern-day covid and to stamp that virus out they had to eliminate the host! So they had to lure the enemy to their trap as their art of war and beliefs had taught and misled them. For 30 shekels of silver, a grant given to Judas Iscariot as an excuse to betray his Master, Jesus was crucified! Yes for the sins of everyone who believes in him and keeps the word but like Judas we still betray him when we make excuses about covid and sabotage ourselves in not realizing our God-given talents and being instruments of hope to the world!

I have 2 million shekels of doubt and negativity friend! Do you need this grant or you are okay with being poor in life but rich in spirit? l leave this pen with you dear friend, when you are ready to sign please share the contract to everyone!

Written by : Thabo CliveMathonsi (

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