Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Ride the Storm


There is a certain level of assurance that comes with familiarity. The idea that there might be more to explore beyond your current level of comfort is one most people seldom entertain. They prefer to stick to what they know; after all, the tried and tested, rarely disappointments. So, day after day, they sink deeper into their comfort zones and eventually settle.

However, there comes a time when settling feels uncomfortable, and the walls around you begin to crumble. A yearning awakens deep within that disrupts your peace of mind and torments you like a raging storm. When this happens, the mind is quick to reassure you that it will pass so relax, but the heart usually tells you to ride the storm like an eagle.

These defining moments always appear with a small but life-changing window of opportunity; it is up to you to either retreat into your comfort zone or, brace yourself for the adventure that lies ahead. Take a leap of faith and ride the storm; you never know what lies beyond it. Remember, great swimmers are discovered in the water; as long as they remain on dry land, their talent will never see the light of day.



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