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Success takes commitment

 Commitment, by definition, means being dedicated or loyal to something or someone. In other words, it implies that whether things are good or bad, you will still do what is required. It means you will always show up even when you do not feel like it, and you will keep knocking on every door until one opens up for you. When you choose commitment, it means you are making a conscious decision to be principled in discipline, focus and in working hard to achieve your goals. These principles apply whether its relationship, work, school or any other personal goals that you choose to set out to achieve.


This issue of commitment reminded me of my high school years when I was doing my upper sixth form. At that time, I had two older brothers who were at university studying with NUST. Naturally, having always followed their footsteps, I also wanted to go to NUST upon completing high school. That was my vision from the word go, and I was aware of the fact that my only way in was going to be through hard work to ensure I got enough A’level points to be accepted. In other words, I had to commit to my studies. It meant putting in the effort, the hours and hard work that was required to succeed.

As we approached the exam period, I would wake up daily at two in the morning to study just so that I could put in those few extra hours. It was no easy task, and there were days when I did not want to wake up at all. Yet because I had a goal, I was chasing after I would force myself to wake up and study. Eventually, it became a habit and waking up got easier. My commitment paid off, I excelled and went on to study for undergrad degree with NUST as planned.


The above is just one example of how I achieved success through commitment and hard work. There is indeed no shortcut to success. As long as you want to achieve something, you have to be dedicated and focused day in day out.

Sportspeople like Usain Bolt, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Serena Williams, are other perfect examples that show the reward of being committed. They have each invested their time into training day in and out to master their respective sport and perfect their skill. If you follow each of their individual stories, you will notice how they started off being ordinary sportspeople, but through commitment and hard work, they are now award-winning sports heroes. To be the best, you have to be willing to put in your best.


There is another athlete in sports history called Derek Redmond who pulled his hamstring during the 400m men’s semi-final at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics (click on the link above to read the full story). Like every athlete in the race, he set out to complete the race. He had also hoped to win a medal for his country in the process. However several meters into the race his leg got hurt, and he fell in pain. He could have stayed down, but because of his desire to finish the race, he got up despite the pain and started limping his way towards the finishing line. One of the most iconic moments in this story is when his father came speeding towards him and helped him to walk to the finishing line.

Derek said when his father caught up to him, he told him that son; you do not have to keep going. Still, Derek soldered on and insisted on finishing the race, so together they walked to the finishing line. The moment was so emotional and moving that all the 65000 spectators in the stadium were on their feet, giving them a standing ovation. Derek did not have to finish the race since he was hurt; he could have stayed where he fell until the medical team came to assist him. Yet his desire to succeed made him press forward. When you are focused and dedicated to something, you will defy all odds to achieve your goals, that is commitment. His story remains one of the most inspirational moments in sports history to date.


As you go through each day, make it a point to be committed to everything you do. Work hard and stay focused on your goals. The results will speak for themselves.

2 thoughts on “Success takes commitment

  1. The Derek Redmond story you shared, is truly inspirational! Many thanks for the words of encouragement and motivation. We require such motivation to keep us going /remain committed in the face of adversity and when we feel the odds are against us.
    I am truly blessed reading your message this morning.

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