Friday, April 19, 2024

Year: 2018

Imperfectly perfect motherhood – Part 1

If I was to describe my experience of motherhood I would say it has been an interesting, exciting, rewarding and yet sometimes a very challenging journey. I mean whilst the joys are so many I must admit there are days I have found myself thinking oh boy what did I get myself into. All of it the good days and the challenging days are what makes it an incredible journey for me. I may not always be perfect as a mother but I know I am the perfect mother to my children.

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A moment of reflection this Mothers Day

Like many today I took time to celebrate the mothers in my life. However as I was reflecting and seeing the many messages of people celebrating their mothers I could not help but remember my own mother who passed away many years ago and so I decided that as I am taking time to celebrate every mother out there I will also pen down a few paragraphs of the thoughts that came to mind as I remembered her…

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2018 What’s New. . .

We have just ushered in another year and like most people I found myself excited about the prospect of a fresh start to the year. I told myself in the last days of December that 2018 is my year but then again looking back I seem to have done this every other year end for a couple of years now and yet if truth be told I hardly ever completed 60% of the things I set out to do at the beginning of the year. This caused me to take a step back and ask myself what really is new about 2018 or is it just a change in the date? What will make my 2018 different from 2017…

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