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Juliet Chudie: Award-winning Nigerian author, educationist, state government appointee, philanthropist

Meet Juliet Chudie an award-winning Nigerian author, educationist, state government appointee, philanthropist and founder of Juliet Chudie foundation and Great Igbo women in UAE.

In 2018 she published A mother’s heart bleeds a book which won her the Creative Writer of the Year award from Creative Faith Academy Awards, Nigeria. This year she co-authored the book, “The Black and African Guide to Moving to the UAE” together with nineteen other brilliant, amazing black expats from different industries who shared their experiences about living, working, and investing in the UAE. Talking about her experience co-authoring the book Julie had the following to say via her social media pages,
The vision of the book is to inspire the world with our stories, transcend them and use them to make a difference in the world by broadening other diasporan’s perspective of the UAE and to help provide answers to any future or existing questions anyone may have about relocating to or living in the UAE.
When I first heard about the book and its vision to help create opportunities for black people, I knew for a fact that this was an opportunity I couldn’t afford to miss. As my respect for human resilience has grown, I’m trusting and hoping that my chapter inspires, answers and brings your hopes alive.

Juliet serves as a state government appointee and holds the position of Special Adviser for youth empowerment. Her two non-profit organisations, Voice of the widows and helpless children foundation and Great Igbo Women in UAE are focused on empowering the youth and women respectively providing them with support to pursue their goals and career aspirations.

Her career life has continued to soar she has also experienced some painful losses in her personal life. She says losing her spouse was one of the most difficult experiences leaving both emotional and mental bruises. However, with time and from family and friends she was able to find the strength to go on with life again.
As she looks ahead her goal is to keep improving herself, making a difference in other people’s lives and playing her part in making the world a better place.

To everyone reading her story she has this to say,
My word of advice to every beautiful soul reading my story, I am not promising you that life is going to be all beautiful and rosy but just like the weather, no matter how hot it gets, the rain will surely shower when it’s time comes. So, stay positive and hold on to your dreams!


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