Sunday, June 23, 2024

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Poetry with Thabo Mathonsi


I noticed it’s cold today so l hope you will listen to this warm story unfold! It all began when we failed to realize ourselves in the process of life. Sure we all thought we had assured and reassured futures, that’s why we buzz in failure and fuzz in triumph. However, this is not a sad story nor a day to envy recklessness in the eyes of reality.

It is a day to get warm whether at a farm or in the arms of change itself. Today we have finally made it to the jaws of doubt but few have the wisdom to decipher the ever-present riddle of day and night and warm and cold. We have burned these wheels, size 4,7,9, who told you we don’t drive our own feet to intended destinations?

We have warmed up a little bit to the story dear friend, haven’t we? Now allow me to begin and end it..JESUS is the beginning and end…THE END!


I need weed to lead this read as we seed it’s impact to the world that continues to strive on its feed! We have become the drug and have rolled ourselves to blunts that peer pressure smokes religiously. However, we still have a chance…Hope.An opportunity to change and do things differently!

One day l tried it but as l got high and featherweight on my legs,l saw indeed that l was faced an elusive predicament that began as a hobby but ended with me in the hospital lobby! There is no feeling to describe the enchanting serenades and aroma of weed but be not deceived, they all begin as medical drugs and end with burial hugs!

I envy you! This is why l wrote this whilst chewing ice mints because l remember the fake hygiene we had to adapt to spread the lie about the smell! Well don’t tell them about the hell you are trying to sell them as you pass the blunt but at least yell or ring the bell when they look for fire to light it up!
I know you know and you know l know, weed kills and death claims the skills!

Take care, my friend,…

With love, The Survivor.

Written by: Thabo Clive Mathonsi (

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