Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Make ‘you’ a priority

by Precious Melody

We are in a world that requires us to show up and be present in different aspects of our lives. If we are not careful, we will spread ourselves thin by trying to show up for everything at the same time. I found myself literally suffocating at one point. My life had become extremely busy. So much that I was hardly copying. I was trying to juggle between my 8-4 job, my family, my relationships, my responsibilities as the youth leader at my local church and also creating content for my blog. The pressure was so intense, but the following lessons really helped me to live a more relaxed yet productive lifestyle. I hope that this will also help you on your journey.

Setting Daily Goals – I became intentional about setting realistic daily goals. This helped my days to become more structured with less pressure. I avoided being all over the place like a headless chicken and ticking off stuff on my to do list became quite fulfilling.

Learning to say NO – This was a big one for me because I wanted to please everyone, but to be honest this is not the healthiest way of living. If you don’t have clear boundaries, people will take as much as they can from you. Be assertive and know how much of your time you are willing to give others. You do not have to always show up for them especially at the expense of your own vision. If you are always available for everyone then you are definitely suffocating your own dreams.

Movement doesn’t mean productivity – Just because your schedule is full doesn’t always mean you are being productive. Take time to review your productivity because the last thing you want is to be a busy person with little to show for it.

Ask for HELP – My mentor taught me this and it radically changed my life. The people around you have been placed in your life for a reason. Some have gone ahead of you and the knowledge they have acquired has turned them into fountains of wisdom. Be humble enough to reach out and ask your help if you need it. Even the Bible says “You have not because you ask not.” When you allow people to assist, you will be amazed at how smooth and short the journey can possibly become.

Rest – I can’t emphasize this enough. Rest is very important. Always create time and an environment that is conducive for you to rest. Take time off social media, off emails and work related calls. Pay more attention to yourself. During that time, pamper yourself and reward yourself for all the hard work that you have done. After this, you will be amped up to being twice as productive because you will be looking forward to another time of rest.

I hope these tips will be of great help. Keep winning!

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