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Mark Madzinga

Mark Madzinga is a multi-talented Zimbabwean artist who dons many hats. He is an established musician, pianist, music director and producer who has worked with some of the prominent musicians in the country. These include Zimpraise, Pastor G, Zaza Pokhethi, Ammara Brown, Prudence Katomeni, BCC Worship (Faith Ministries) and many others. Currently, he is the music director for one of Zimbabwe’s leading gospel musicians, the talented Janet Manyowa.

This year he released his first single titled ‘So Amazing’, and he also broke boundaries when he became the first African pianist to be featured on Nord World Sessions; a platform that showcases videos from outstanding keyboard players worldwide. His brand continues to grow and doors of opportunity keep opening for him. Mark is currently pursuing studies in Music Production with Berklee College (USA) and also working on projects with various artists locally and abroad. His desire is to create and be a part of a community of musicians who make music right!

“I am a servant in the Kingdom of God, who has a passion for music. I also believe that I am here to encourage, empower, and help make the world a better place.”

Mark is a devout Christian who has always been passionate about music from an early age. Having grown up in an environment that did not have musical instruments save for clapping of hands, the day he encountered a full band set-up in worship, he knew he had found his calling. His passion lies in creating those captivating, magical musical moments that occur whenever lyrics, voice, and instruments blend together in harmony.

In everything, Mark has learnt to appreciate the abilities that God placed inside of him and uses them the best of his ability. The word of God says, your gift will make room for you, and for Mark, this has been his constant reality. He started professional music later in life than most, yet despite this; he has still managed to standout and achieve significant milestones through hard work and his commitment to the craft. It is this dedication to running his race and fully utilizing his God-given gifts that keep him going even when life throws lemons his way. At first, his own father did not understand his desire to pursue music as a career, but after seeing his son grow and mature in the industry, he is proud of the man that Mark has become and supports him in all his endeavors. When Mark is not making music he enjoys playing football; and watching the trail blazing Lewis Hamilton doing what he knows best on the race track. 

“Do not be afraid of being unique, nor hide from us the unique gifts that God has placed inside of you. Be yourself, not a photocopy of others. Instead, take notes from those who inspire you and apply that knowledge to develop your gifting. Creation eagerly waits for your manifestation; so rise above your limitations and become all that God has predestined you to be. We want to experience God’s creativity, power, and glory through you; so please do not rob us.” 

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