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Minister of Whitelinen

Anesu Mhembere is a Zimbabwean Image Consultant and fashion stylist who operates under the Minister of White Linen brand. He specialises in helping his clients dress for success and creating an image that compliments their personality. He is also a professional Chinese Interpreter who has facilitated many business discussions between Chinese nationalities and the non-Chinese speaking community. In 2019 he launched the Friday Fashion Fete, a fashion, grooming and etiquette seminar where experts on the field are called upon to come and do presentations to an invited audience. The official launch of the event was titled “Tackling Common Errors Committed in Formal Dressing” which focused influencing dressing and outlook in the corporate field. Several of these events have been hosted since, and many people have testified to how attending helped them find their fashion groove and dress for success.

Anesu believes that there is never an excuse for not looking good; everyone must dress for the future they want to see. Being fashionable is not about wearing expensive labels, but instead, it is all about making the best of what you have. Simple things like knowing your body type, how to coordinate colours and dressing for the occasion can make a big difference. Often people say they do not judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to dressing and grooming people often assess you based on what they see. First impressions matter; that is why Anesu made it his purpose to help people dress in a way that compliments the pages inside the book. To support this goal, he established the Dandy Gentlemen and Vogue Ladies initiatives. There are two parallel fashion movements aimed at creating a fashion consciousness in the community and providing a platform for fashion lovers to showcase their creativity. Each has an Instagram page where fashion lover can showcase their style. Various community initiatives such as fashion flash mobs and grooming/etiquette/personal development training seminars are also hosted as part of these two initiatives. 

Anesu’s love for fashion started at an early age, and back in high school when others despised the tie, for him, it was a signature part of his dressing. Every day was dressing up day for him, and his attention to detail on his appearance made him attract compliments wherever he went. The early days of his career as a professional image consultant had many ups and downs. Some people even told him that he was chasing after the wind thinking he could make it in the fashion world. Some ideas were turned down, and some events had very low turnouts. Yet despite all that, he persevered, and like an eagle, he kept his eyes on the prize. Now he is climbing up the ladder in the Fashion industry, providing grooming and consulting services to an ever-growing database of happy clients.

This journey to becoming the Minister of White Linen has not been in isolation; God has sent several ‘wise men’ to help him along the way. These include people like Lee Madyara aka ‘Hollywoodlee’ a Zimbabwean fashion entrepreneur and Fungai Kampira aka ‘The Gospel DJ’. Anesu is a devout Christian who accredits his success to God. He believes that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Fashion is not just a profession but an area of calling that God has placed upon his life. One client at a time he is making a positive difference in people’s lives by helping them find their style and be the best version of themselves.

His big dream to create a fashion movement in the Southern African region, like the *Pitti Uomo of Italy that will bring together big fashion brands and fashion lovers from across Africa under one roof. Anesu hopes to unite the fashion industry and promote growth the same way Tyler Perry is doing so in the American film industry. He has already started laying down the foundations by bringing together talented individuals to help him make this dream a reality.

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