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Thabo Clive Mathonsi

My name is Thabo Clive Mathonsi, and I am also known as “Mjox” in my circle of peers. For the longest of time, l have wondered why I picked up a blank piece of paper and painted it with my ideas of a complex world! Yet in some way, we are all dreamers in this life. It is in this notion that l would like to present myself as a writer.

It all began in the year 2008 when I wrote my first poem as a form two student, at John Tallach secondary school in Zimbabwe. For some time, writing remained a hobby that I did for fun. However, with time the hobby became an area of passion, and I have continuously developed it over the past couple of years. To date I have written and published three novels namely;

  • Blessings Tears of An African Child,
  • I am Lazarus, and I’m Blind
  • Ezizweni Untold Stories of an Ancient Civilisation

In addition to these three, I have also published one anthropology titled Poetic Justice. One of my accomplishments includes the recognition of my novel ‘Blessings’ by the African Writers Journal (JAYLit), where I represented Zimbabwe and Africa as one of the top authors of the year.

My dream is to have a foundation, authorial school and movie studio! I want to create a high opportunity free environment for anyone that is talented and truly believes that he /she is an author to not only write books but also develop scripts for their books that will become future plays and movies for everyone to see! Being a scriptwriter is my 2021 goal and l have already began writing the script for Blessings which l aim to finish by end of November 2020 after finishing other books.

The novel Blessings is available for purchase on Amazon Kindle, and I am working towards availing the remaining books on the same platform by June 2020. Hard copies for all novels are readily available in Zimbabwe for those who would like to purchase a copy. Please contact me for more information on the details below. Email: | Whatsapp: +263 772 375 447 | Facebook: Thabo Clive Mathonsi | Instagram: clivedrops | Twitter: clivedrops


Blessings: Lost and alone at the crossroads, a teenage girl finds herself facing thee panorama of being run over by a huge truck called misfortune. Betrayal becomes the hump in front of her, pain the red robot that refuses reversal, and finally defeat, the noises from the car horns of family disputes that wait to take her down. With no one to trust, no one to believe her, and no shoulder to lean on, she is left with only one choice, overcoming the obstacles she faces and stopping the truck of misfortune or risk being run down. Predators, prey, betrayal, jaw-breaking experiences is all in Blessings. If you enjoyed watching movies like Sarafina, The Pursuit for Happiness and 12 Years as a Slave, then this is a must-read. Blessings volume two of the book will be available next year March all things being equal.


Ezizweni: Ezizweni is my most recent novel, and it is a collection of the untold stories of ancient African Civilisations. The book aims to bridge the gap between the present date and life back in the day. It takes a close look at how eventualities such as religion, war, poverty, power, abuse, and migration have transformed the world, in particular Africa. It’s a historical and epic fantasy that will undoubtedly keep you flipping through the pages until the end.


I am Lazarus: This novel depicts the day to day life of a blind African man who faces many adversities yet manages to tackle them all as they come. Often some mistake disability for inability; as such, this story aims to show that everyone can excel in everything they set their heart to accomplish, regardless of physical differences. If you enjoy history-altering novels, then I am Lazarus, is a must-read, that is bound to keep you entertained till the very last page.

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