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Greyson Chipote

Greyson Chipote is the author of the book ‘When Fathers go Missing’ and banker by profession. He is currently working on a documentary film titled ‘Politics Without Paternity’ drawn from chapter four of his book. The film reveals the connection between ruthless political dictators and how their personal lives missed father figures. Greyson is a seasoned banker by profession with retail and investment banking expertise. He is also the founder of Wisdom Capital, a financial advisory boutique that has synergies cutting across four continents.

Greyson is a passionate minister of the word of God and currently serves as a Pastor at Grace Christian Church. It is from his interactions in ministry, business and mentoring spheres that he identified a desperate need for men to take their rightful place in the community. As a result, a passion awakened within him to engage society about the subject of fatherhood and its importance. He is married to his lovely wife Loice, and they are blessed with two children, David and Denise.

When Fathers Go Missing explores the critical role fathers play in shaping the destinies of their children. It highlights the disastrous effects the challenge of fatherlessness has on children and wider society. The emotional, social, political and economic implications can be dire, especially when individuals make decisions out of brokenness. Critically, Greyson provides eye-opening steps that may be used to heal broken relationships and nations. This book, written in a captivating conversational style, makes a clarion call and provides a platform to have a much-needed conversation about fatherhood in the 21st Century. It is definitely a worthy read for every man!

The book is available on Amazon, or alternatively you can contact Greyson on the following number +263 778 493 913 to get a copy.


Why Not Now: A message for every Man

And David said unto him, Fear not for I will surely show thee kindness for Jonathan thy father’s sake, and will restore thee all the land of Saul thy father, and thou shalt eat bread at my table continually.” 2 Samuel 9: 7. The book is not about the melodramatic life of Mephibosheth. However, the essence of this chapter cannot overlook and resist the story of David and Mephibosheth. Without laboring the reader with the story, I will spare you the narration of this passage and hammer straight to the point. David remembers that he has a debt he has to pay, the debt of fatherhood. He wants to know whom he can father for the sake of the absentee father-Jonathan. Wow! And that is the essence of this book – to awaken fathers that will search for sons and daughters to father. Evidently, there is a yawning gap for fatherhood and there is a desperate need for the Davids of this generation to take up the challenge. Now lets break this down. How is this achievable?

Take for instance how many young people do you know in your community who have no fathers? How about relating to them and encouraging them. Relate with them by finding out what they are doing in class, sport, art etc. Encourage them. Affirm them. Celebrate them. This does not demand that you do algebra with them necessarily. If you can- the better. If you cant, just ask for the school report, identify the needy areas and demand an improvement. Celebrate the areas that they are doing well. Children yearn for a father voice to speak into their life. There is need for a balance between correction and encouragement. The more they are encouraged, the lesser they focus on the areas of their weakness. In your engagement, affirm them. Ensure that the door is open for them and ensure they know that the door is open for them.

Realistically, it is unwise to expect overnight results. Little by little, they will begin to open up and warm up to you. Do this to another child. Encourage another fellow father to do the same to another child. Before we know it, fatherlessness ceases to be the challenge and catastrophe that it currently is.

Imagine if our male teachers take this challenge. They frequently come across fatherless children. Imagine just fathering a child and follow them through class then sport monitoring their associations etc at a personal level and not at a classroom level. Imagine the impact that it can have. It might be in primary, secondary or even tertiary level. The child will not forget their teacher/father. All this can happen without governmental intervention, support, grant, budget etc. It simply calls for men to rise up. Lets imagine again, a sports coach at a school or in a community. Youths who come to sport are generally passionate about their area of sport or art. Be it netball, basketball, soccer, music, dance to mention but a few. Why not coach life to the lads. To some, you are the only father they have seen and that they will ever see. Is it not fulfilling that you coached beyond sport. You coached life! The life principles outlive sport. That is more rewarding than a monthly income. My sport coaches therefore arise and become a corps of patriots!

Now imagine a policeman who handles a case of drug abuse by young boys. Going beyond the call of duty, they take interest in the perpetrator and take it upon themselves to ensure the boy(s) become better people. All it might require is to send each other whatsapp texts to check on the boy, demand that you meet at a football game or at a social gathering where they can see you outside your uniform, at a “human” level. Youths respond to love. Love is irresistible. Again, there is no need for governmental support, aid, grant etc for this. It calls for men to rise! The ministry of Christ has never been about growing denominations, church buildings and having the largest congregations. Needless to say, this is an open invitation to all saved men to take their place in society and beginning in the churches. Identify a child whose father is missing. Engage. Fill the void. Do the same in the community. Once again, this does not need a governmental policy, funding etc nor does it need a church outreach programme. This is about being the salt of the earth. To pastors, the call is obvious but the hope is for you to identify and pair Mephibosheths to the Davids and vice versa. This will solve immediate and future problems. It will reduce future marriage failures, drug abuse, violence, crime etc. Is this not what ministry is about?

Source: Chipote, Greyson F., (2019). ‘When Fathers Go Missing’. Zimbabwe: Desire Publishers

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